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about me

Height: 5"11   |   Voice Tone: Warm, Reassuring & Clear   |   Accent: sophisticated British

So I grew up in a midlands city called Worcester. As the 4th child of 7, you soon learnt to have a voice. And I genuinely love getting into the studio to do Voiceover work. My degree was in Economics at Exeter University, but my heart has never been with finance and was much more interested in doing plays and telling stories. So after university I went to LAMDA, (where the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch, Jim Broadbent and David Oyelowo trained). I met my wife there and we now have 4 amazing kids. I have done numerous professional acting jobs for the BBC, ITV as well as feature films.
My home studio is in Brighton and Hove and often switch between here and studios in London, where I have most worked for the last 15 years. I love to be able to give clients what they need and pride myself in having a huge range in my voice. I can do most accents I put my mind to and particularly enjoy it when I have to do this. I remember one radio commercial for Brother Printers where there were 8 different characters required, and I had to voice them all from different parts of the UK.



Cry Havoc Content LTD    |   The Book People   |   2019  |   Voice
Saatchi & Saatchi           |   Charter TV and Broadband  - USA  |   2013  |   Voice
​Brother Printers            |  Radio Campaign   |   2012  |   Voice

Video Games

Larian Studios.                |   Divinity Original Sin II   |   2017  |   Gareth​
Piranha Bytes               |   Elex   |   2017  |   Ray
Crytek.                        |   Crysis II |   2011  |   Commander Lockhart


The Economist       |   Fragile Oceans  |   2018   |   Voice
​American Express         |   Project Name   |   2023  |   Voice 
​Shell.             |   Project Name   |   2023  |   Voice

acting work
Tom  |   Mutual Friends   |  BBC1

Andrew  |   Caught  |   Feature Film

Chad    |   Austenland   |   Feature Film

Technical Notes

I have a home studio fully equipped and ready for professional Voiceovers. I am able to record your script to professional standard and edit as appropriate. I am happy to re-record the script with any notes you might have and will deliver professional results in 24 Hours, (48 with re-records). I am subscribed to Source Connect if you would like to record remotely. Just get in touch if you would like to hear a test record.....

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